If you would rather
chew off your right hand
than read a novel,
chances are that English
is not your favourite subject.

The Better Essays program is a one-on-one, English and essay-writing program. It is designed for high school students in Years Seven to Twelve, and adults who wish to improve their writing for business or university. The program also offers tailored programs for adults who wish to prepare for the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT), Medical School Admissions Tests (UMAT & GAMSAT), or to polish their writing skills for work or personal reasons. The Better Essays program is perfect for anyone that

  • needs to raise their standard of written expression,
  • wants a logical and practical strategy for planning and writing essays,
  • wishes to unlock the mystery of literary analysis,
  • has difficulty organising texts into meaningful source material for essays, and
  • feels overwhelmed by the sheer scope of English and can’t see how to study it.