What parents and students say about the Better Essays program:
"I'd like to say thank you so much for all the help you've given me this year in preparation for the GAMSAT. I definitely would not have been confident going into the exam without your feedback!"
Henry, GAMSAT candidate

"The ATAR results were released and I topped my class scoring 88% in Literature...thank you so much for the time you spent with me - honestly, even from just talking I felt like I was learning, and gaining confidence in being creative."
Jack, student of Guildford Grammar School

"Fantastic program! My son really got a lot out of this program and it has helped him organize his thinking and writing for all of his subjects. Very well done and I look forward to my younger son taking advantage of it soon as well!"
Amy (parent), student of St Stephen’s School Duncraig

"It really helped me to learn new skills for writing essays and analysing texts. My grades in English improved and I am now more confident in writing essays. Thank you!"
Sara, student of St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School

"Thank you very much for helping Gillian with her English over the past two weeks. She admitted to me on the first session that she wasn’t looking forward to it but, when I picked her up, she said it was “Much better than she expected!” Very good reinforcement of what she had learned at school and a lot of very useful information that she found helpful. I think this is a wonderful compliment (coming from a teenager!) and we very much appreciate all your efforts. Thanks again Andrea!"
Melissa (parent), student of St Stephen’s School Duncraig

"This course was very helpful. The explanations, and the way the course goes in depth about the elements of writing, is very helpful. I would highly recommend the course."
Simon, student of John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School

"Hi Andrea. Just wanted to give you an update on my GAMSAT results. I scored a 62 on the writing section! Thank you so much for your help, it clearly made the difference."
Tomie, GAMSAT candidate

"Hi Andrea. Shania is going well and has found the resources from the Better Essays program valuable. You will be happy to know that she won the English Award last year. Many thanks."
Mary (parent), student of Ursula Frayne Catholic College

"Hi Andrea, just wanted to say that, since his visits, James has got five achievement stamps in English, something he has never got before. It’s all down to your help and I’m so grateful you have no idea. Thank you so much. You are fab."
Debbie (parent), student of Peter Moyes Anglican Community School

"Hello Andrea. Ben and I would like to thank you for the tuition over the past three weeks. He found the course informative and useful. In his own words, “The time went by quickly considering it was one-to-one”. All he has to do now is put what he has learnt into practice! He went to his first uni open day yesterday and is very enthusiastic about the whole thing, which made our hearts sing. Best wishes to you for your ongoing success with the program."
Grace (parent), student of Carine Senior High School

"Michaela and I just want to thank you again for your very valuable input, and clarification of her English. When I asked her she said that, “Despite being in a top school, in the extension class, highly recommend you”."
Marianne (parent), student of St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School

"Hi Andrea. Thank you so much for helping Olivia. She really enjoyed spending time with you and feels more confident, which makes me happy."
Kylie (parent), student of Newman College

"Andrea. Just an update to let you know that he (Steven) has worked hard, using your methods, has improved his percentage considerably, and has now been recommended for the 2A/B course. His teacher was very impressed by his improvement and asked Steven what your program entailed to make such an improvement. So, thank you very much for your input and hopefully we will continue to see good results from Steven."
Ellie (parent), student of St Stephen’s School Carramar

"I think Adrian really benefitted from your sessions—his grades have improved and his confidence lifted."
Erica (parent), student of Mt Lawley Senior High School

"Hi Andrea. Joseph really enjoys your sessions. Thanks for your engaging style of teaching."
Evelyn (parent), student of Rossmoyne Senior High School

"Thanks very much Andrea. Keane is definitely feeling more positive towards his English."
Laura (parent), student of Lake Joondalup Baptist College

"Thanks Ms Andrea. My daughter really liked your program and is very excited about it."
Reaz (parent), student of Hedland Senior High School

"Hi Andrea. Kieran told me that he has been getting between 60 and 70% for all his work since the time you gave him. His previous marks were between 30 and 50%. I think that improvement is quite impressive! Thank you!"
Beth (parent), student of Padbury Senior High School